The Doctor, Moana, and the Wardrobe

I watched Doctor Who!

giphy (1)

…and it was superb. I watched the Matt Smith holiday special The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe (So I ripped off the title. Deal with it). It was entertaining, weird, wonderful, I have literally nothing constructive to say other than that I loved it… so yup.

I also watched the episode Rose, which was kind of disturbing, and kind of amazing. I’m rather looking forward to watching a bit more of the show in the future…

…and then there’s Moana. It was… okay. I guess. Okay. I’ll admit it. I didn’t like it. I didn’t find the characters to be particularly likable, the message was sort of cliche, the jokes and gags were pretty lame, the villains were kind of uninteresting and not very fleshed out… I guess I should say something positive… umm… the animation was pretty? Yeah. We’ll go with that. Overall I found the movie to be just kind of meh. Mehoana perhaps.

Well, I guess I don’t have too much else to say. Though the first season of Sherlock just came in at the library and I’ll likely watch a bit more Doctor Who in the coming days… so future Film Fridays will likely be rather infused with BBC.

I shall close with a GIF. Bow ties are cool.

giphy (2)



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