A Chilly Start

Well, it’s the inaugural music-themed Theremin Thursday. What better way to begin things than with my (current) favorite band? Yup. Coldplay. They make cool music. I don’t even know what specifically to recommend, so I’m just going to rank their albums in order of my least favorite to my favorite. I still haven’t listened to all of A Rush of Blood to the Head, so that one will unfortunately be excluded from the list for now (I may come back later and add it in). However, there’s 6 others. Woo.

6. Parachutes- This was the band’s first LP, so it’s not their finest stuff. It’s still a good listen, though. Remember Yellow? Yeah, it’s on here.

5. Ghost Stories- I feel kind of bad putting this so low, because it’s such a good album, but with all the other good stuff Coldplay has released, I kind of have to. I would say it’s the most emotionally and lyrically driven of Coldplay’s seven LPs, having been written shortly after lead man Chris Martin went through a divorce. The whole album is an emotional journey of longing, sorrow, and eventually some extent of understanding and coming to grips with reality. And it’s good. Midnight and Sky Full of Stars are probably my two favorite tracks from this one.

4. Viva La Vida- This was the first album I listened to, so it’s somewhat nostalgic for me. It’s much more moody than some of the others, though, and really doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to say. However, it’s still a good album, with some great classics like Viva La Vida (shocker, I know), Death and All His Friends, and Violet Hill.

3. A Head Full of Dreams- While it may not be popular with Coldplay fans that have been around since near the beginning (predominantly due to stylistic differences between “old” Coldplay and “new” Coldplay), it’s still a really good album. It’s incredibly upbeat, but not in an annoying way. The reflective Everglow (my personal favorite from the album), poppy Adventure of a Lifetime, and closer Up&Up (which has an amazing music video) are three high points of the album. The only real reason that AHFoD doesn’t take the number 2 spot for me is the lyrically deficient blunder Hymn for the Weekend. It’s catchy, but when a substantial portion of the song is about feeling drunk and high… meh. However, it’s overall a really great album

2. X&Y- This is probably the album that I would recommend to anybody that hasn’t listened to Coldplay before. It’s a great bridge between Coldplay’s older, rockier stuff, and their newer, poppier stuff. White Shadows, Fix You, and Speed of Sound are my faves on this one.

1. Mylo Xyloto- Aw yeah. This one has the jams. It starts out right with Hurts Like Heaven, goes straight to Paradise, also has Charlie Brown and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall… the whole thing is just so good. It’s jan overall really fun album. Perhaps not Coldplay’s greatest, but man, it’s still really good, and I love it.

Well, I guess that’s all I’ve got. Go do yourself a favor. Listen to some Coldplay. Or don’t. I don’t control you.


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