[insert cool title here]

I guess I’m back. I should probably blog on a more regular basis, but we’ll see whether or not that actually happens. I could try to do a daily blog with a theme for each day (i.e. Manatee Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Weird Wednesday, Theremin Thursday, French Toast Friday, Sadder Saturday, Submarine Sunday)… but I probably wouldn’t keep up with it, and what even would I do with those themes? Though those were all off the top of my head, and I probably wouldn’t use most of them. I guess Terrible Tuesday and Weird Wednesday could work… I don’t know. I guess people can comment with suggestions. Or something. Not that anybody will read this. But that’s my problem since only like 10 people know about this website and most have forgotten about it… oh well. I guess I could remind some of them. But whatever. Anyway, I should end this ramble-y post.


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