Why Zelda is the greatest video game franchise of all time

The Legend of Zelda is the greatest video game franchise of all time. The series consists of nineteen canon games released over the course of over thirty-one years. In addition to these nineteen, there are also several non-canon spin-off games.

Zelda games have received excellent critical ratings almost universally, and are typically regarded the best game on their respective consoles. The first 3D Zelda game, Ocarina of Time, is often considered the greatest video game of all time. What’s more incredible is that two other Zelda games, SNES classic A Link to the Past and multi-platform newcomer Breath of the Wild are sometimes thought to be better than Ocarina. You simply cannot find another video game franchise that includes three video games that are considered to be some of the greatest of all time. Final Fantasy, one of Zelda’s main competitors for greatest franchise of all time, has fifteen main series games. Nine of these have ratings on Metacritic, a website that compiles critical review scores of video games, and averages them. The average Metascore of these nine games is 89/100. The average Metascore of the twelve canon Zelda games on Metacritic is 91/100.

Zelda is not only imitated and highly spoken of by critics, it is also iconic. Zelda games include some well known characters such as Link, Zelda herself, Ganondorf, Shiek, Navi, Impa, Tingle, Midna, the Old Man, and many others. There are also quotes from the games that have become famous. “It’s dangerous to go alone,” “It’s a secret to everybody,” “I am Error,” and “Hey! Listen!”

There have also been numerous games influenced by Zelda over the years, sometimes referred to as “Zelda clones.” These include 3D Dot Heroes, Oceanhorn, Dark Souls, Star Fox Adventures, Darksiders, Beyond Good and Evil, and Okami.

In conclusion, Zelda is one of the most critically acclaimed, iconic, and imitated video game franchises. All these things combine to make Zelda truly the greatest video game franchise of all time.


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