2018 albums, a ranking

It's currently September and therefore not everything that's likely to end up on this list is out yet (looking at you, Trench), but I'm going to start it anyway.   DISCLAIMER: These are my wacko opinions, not objective truth. Opinions and rankings subject to change.   1. Thank You For Today - Death Cab for … Continue reading 2018 albums, a ranking


A blog, a post, a death

DISCLAIMER: This post has absolutely nothing to do with death. Hah. Blog. That's a thing, eh? I do literally nothing with it except make foolish posts like this... I should probably just post what happens in my life, but what's the fun in that? I do school, stare at Twitter, and listen to weird music. … Continue reading A blog, a post, a death

Cinematic – Owl City… review? I don’t know what to call it

Welp the much anticipated new Owl City album Cinematic is out, so I guess I'm talking about it or something. I went through song by song and typed out what I thought of them (more or less copying my friend Brooke, whose thoughts were a bit more positive and likely also more agreeable than mine), and … Continue reading Cinematic – Owl City… review? I don’t know what to call it